Carolyn McBeth


About Carolyn McBeth

Carolyn McBeth is a passionate entrepreneur managing farmland in Iowa. Carolyn has always taken a strong liking to agriculture, especially having grown up in rural Iowa. In college, she studied Agricultural Business at Iowa State University, minoring in Agribusiness Management and International Agriculture. This education taught her the ins and outs of running an agricultural business and instilled the very principles that she uses to this day.

Throughout her college career and in the years following her graduation, Carolyn interned and worked for ag companies. Her internship was with Pioneer Hi-Bred International in Supply Planning and Logistics. This year-and-a-half internship taught Carolyn McBeth the in-demand business skills of supply forecasting and other industry-specific tasks. After completing her time with this company, she went on to work for John Deere & Company in various capacities, beginning as an AMS Technical Representative at John Deere Ag Management Solutions. She soon transitioned into a role as a Complete Goods/Aftermarket Coordinator within the Marketing Department.

Again, Carolyn applied many crucial business skills to this role, such as communicating with suppliers and dealers, expanding customer service, and more. She stayed with John Deere & Company until 2007, taking on two more roles while she was there: Production Planning Supply Management Specialist and, finally, Marketing Product Specialist. While her time here was enjoyable and educational, Carolyn McBeth ultimately left to focus all of her efforts on the farm with her husband.

While she was initially working with John Deere & Company immediately after graduation, Carolyn’s late husband, Steve, began McBeth Northfork Farms, building this business venture from the ground up. After his passing, Carolyn stepped into the role of the Owner/Operator and Land Manager. Although it was a heavy undertaking at first, choosing to focus all of her efforts on this business allowed her to honor her husband’s legacy and continue the dream the two had started together. She now successfully optimizes day-to-day operations on the farm, including buying inputs, marketing grain and managing the equipment/land acquisition, among other tasks that come up..

Carolyn McBeth’s professional goal is to continue to grow the farm operations and eventually hand the responsibilities over to her children when they reach the ages where they are able to run it themselves. Raising them in this environment has allowed Carolyn to instill professional and transferable skills in her children that are able to be applied to any field, especially entrepreneurship. The industry-specific skills they have grown up utilizing are beneficial to have in the agricultural business.

Family is of utmost importance to Carolyn, and she is delighted to have the family farm that allows her to spend valuable time with her children. In addition to her own children, Carolyn also sows into the lives of others by co-leading the Franklin Happy-Go-Luckies 4-H Club and creating many agricultural experiences, as well as advising the Story County 4-H County Council.

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